Was Liberty the Same as Equal rights?

 Was Independence the Same as Equal rights? Essay

Independence and equality were not as well as flexibility was nice thing about it, but equality was just the beginning of a terrible problem that every Black persons had to face. In this essay, I am going to make clear why liberty was nothing like equality, as well as the changes the Black people had to face during this unjust time.

After the Dark-colored people were introduced as prisoners, equality became a problem in america. This was problems for the Whites because they thought this wasn't right to let the Blacks have their privileges, and so a number of the Whites (particularly the woman) started to demonstration against the Blacks being normal citizens and having all their rights.

Due to that, thousands of other folks joined in and realised that they could above power the Black someones rights. Dark-colored children weren't allowed to be in the same school as White colored children for the reason that White little one's mothers rejected to send their children to the same school because Black children. Although this happened, the price tag on keeping two school systems (one intended for Whites/one to get Blacks) was so high-priced that not system could work correctly. The Dark-colored children as well had to suffer with poor products and a poor education, while White children had the opposite.

Likewise, the Whites took away the Black's rights e. g. the Black people could not go ahead the same public facilities just like: swimming pools, retailers, and toilets etc . while the Whites. This was something named ‘dehumanising' them. The whites gave Blacks their particular freedom to slavery nevertheless they didn't but let them have their privileges and let them be normal people similar to the Whites.

The White colored people actually started a huge protesting group where only Whites were allowed to sign up for. This group was called the Klu Klux Klan. The people in this group has on long white-colored cloaks-head to toe-and they would protest against the idea of letting Blacks get their rights. The Klu Klux Klan was obviously a very strong group that made enormous protests that would make distinctions. Even small children joined in using their...

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