To Kill Mocking Bird Composition

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Atticus - Mark of Valor

Relatively, courage is usually demonstrated through an individual's dedication to fight for what is right. In the new, To Destroy a Mockingbird, Harper Lee shows the courage of Atticus through his have trouble with the racism of the town as he efforts to defend Ben Robinson in a court of law. Mary Robinson, a black guy, is a patient of the racism that is widespread in the community of Maycomb. Atticus established fact for his good personality, and is often expected to the actual right factor. To maintain his impression of rights, Atticus wants to defend Tom Robinson. His moral code often causes conflicts with fellow users of the area of Maycomb. Despite this, Atticus continues to defend Tom, learning if this individual doesn't take action an innocent man will be falsely charged. Harper Lee suggests courage is proven when the individual with honesty will rise to the occasion to do the right thing, whether or not it means heading against society. Atticus shows courage by defending Ben Robinson, a black man falsely offender of rape, despite the criticisms from the occupants of Maycomb. Atticus knows that he will not be able to win when he is " licked” before he begins. He challenges with the racism that it is prolonged in the community of Maycomb. Nevertheless, Atticus knows that Mary Robinson can be innocent, and he must defend him, as no one different will. Even though the situation is usually bleak, Atticus wants the city of Maycomb to hear the truth about Tom Johnson, saying, " that young man might visit the chair, but he is not going right up until the truth's told”. It truly is his solid sense of morality and justice that motivates him to defend Ben Robinson no matter what. He realizes that taking the circumstance would make him an object of scorn and ridicule. Over the novel, Atticus is called different names just like " nigger-lover” by many members of the community as well as his family. Also his sibling is opposes his decision of defending Tom Robinson, saying that Atticus was a bad for the...

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