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Biscuits can be a household name today. The markets happen to be flooded with biscuits of everytaste and then for every age group. Sometimes it can be just challenging for us to decide on what togo for. They are good combinations with a popular cup of Tea or maybe a coffee. They earn a quickВ and a tasty snack food any time and any circumstance. In India per capita consumption of biscuits is usually estimated by a low 1 ) 5 kilogram, reflecting the hugeВ potential intended for growth of the industry. Over 900 million Indians buy and take in biscuits withvarying frequency in different year. The penetration of branded item in this part is quite significant, and is appreciated atRs two, 500-3, 000 Crore. None of the other wheat-based segments is as developed as theВ biscuits sector. The cookie segment has evolved with significant markets of mass consumptioncovering over 90% of the total potential industry. The Of india biscuits' marketplace is estimated to be 1 . 1 million loads per annum and valued atover Rs 50 billion. The unorganized sector accounts for above 50% of the market. The markethas recently been growing at a CAGR of 6-7% pa. This current biscuits-bakery sector in India lookslike a battlefront. The battle getting led by simply stalwarts just like Britannia and Parle with closecompetition from the other companies just like ITC, Nutrine, HUL Kissan, Kwality and eveninternational brands like Kellogs, Nestle, Sara Lee and United Biscuits. There are two entrenched players in the cookies market -- Parle

and Britannia have 85% ofВ the market share. Britannia is undoubtedly the best choice with brands like Gambling, Little Minds andMilk Bikis. Britannia's Tiger brand is usually selling mainly in the country areas which usually actuallyconstitute 56% of the biscuit market. But also in the Sugar segment Parle G is the marketleader. Likewise players just like HLL and ITC possess huge existence in the market In India, there is also a huge unorganized sector. Cookies market with an average grew at 8% perВ annum in the last five years. The rural transmission of the brand name biscuits portion is alsosignificant. Towns with populations of less than a lakh contribute significantly to theindustry's turnover, with a few estimates positioning it at 40%. However , rural market segments largelyconsume lower-priced varieties, in fact it is here that branded cookies meet with stiffВ competition from the unorganized sector. The unorganized sector in the cookies segment does exert pressure on the Charges policies ofВ the organized players. But only up to a point since the penetration of brands in this businesseven in the rural areas is fairly significant. Therefore , the value to get only the branded business section is more a sign of theindustry's competitive pressures. The duty framework still mementos the unorganized sector. Except for select low-priced varieties, the excise work on cookies is a significant 16%. Nevertheless , bowing to pressure from the Federationof Cookie Manufacturers of India, fifty percent of the bar was exempted for cookies with amaximum retail cost of Rs. 5 for any weight certainly not exceeding 95 grams. a couple of ABOUT THE COMPANYParle Items Pvt. Limited.

Legal status: CorporationNet worth: US $ 450 MillionYear established: 1929Year started export: 1982Market shareBiscuit segment: 40%Confectionary: 15%Wholesalers: 1500Retail outlets: some, 25, 000Annual sales: 179. 9 mil kg (inВ volumes) 3


A long time ago, if the British reigned over India, a little factory was set up in suburbia ofВ Mumbai metropolis, to production sweets and toffees. 12 months was 1929 and the industry wasdominated by simply famous intercontinental brands which were imported widely. Despite the possibilities andunequal competition, this company called Parle Products, survived and succeeded, byadhering to top quality and improvising from time to time. A decade later, in 1939, Parle Products started out manufacturing cookies, in addition to sweetsand toffees. Having currently established a reputation for quality, the Parle manufacturer grew instrength with this diversification. Parle Glucose and Parle Monte-carlo were the first brands ofВ В biscuits to become introduced,...

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