Quartz Case Study

Quartz Case Study 31.08.2019
 Essay on Quartz Case Study

1 . What is the Quartz worth proposition to plumbers?

The Quartz offers solved every problems that the previous products acquired: it appeared great, provided good pressure at stable temperature, was easy to use and didn't tenderize, that designed for plumbers very good guarantee, plus it was esy-to-install, required 50 percent less time.

2 . Why is the Quartz shower not offering?

Well following checking almost all table graphs in the case the answer then is to easy. It price crazy profit comparison to products available. Plus the issue with plumbers whom do not have good experience with gadgets also affects on the product sales.

3. Aqualisa spent 36 months and € 5. eight million growing the Quartz. Was the merchandise worth the investment? Is usually Quartz a niche product or maybe a mainstream product?

The Quartz was well worth the investment made, it really was the breakthrough product, but the cost performed the main position here. Even as we can see, Quartz was selling good just in showrooms, that is merely 17% with the market, nonetheless it was good in premium brand category, it gained its' niche. Coming from my personal perspective, at this stage, Quartz is the niche item, it can certainly not become mainstream unless the expense of manufacturing gets at bare minimum 2 times reduce, even not really mentioning to decrease the margin of 275 euro every SKU.

5. Aqualisa at the moment has 3 brands. Aqualisa, Gainsborough, and ShowerMax. What is the rationale behind this multiple brand strategy? Does it seem sensible?

Multiple manufacturer strategy is a type of investment diversification, it is explanation till the brands provide you with income, if some of them will probably sink, it's better to leave it and receive oriented on the cash cow product. In this case multiple brand strategy was good stage, the company produced products for all market segments. Plus as we can see from the product selling by products Aqualisas' a couple of brands experienced 3rd, and 4th place in top 10 items + others that are not mentioned. So from this level of view the strategy makes sense.

5. What...

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