Proposed Preparing Study for Pila (Laguna) Tourism Advancement

 Proposed Preparing Study intended for Pila Laguna Tourism Expansion Essay



Pila, situated in the region of Supresion, adjacent to Supresion de These types of, has been dubbed " Bayang Pinagpala” (Blessed Town) because it was the only town able to escape during the Japanese bombing inside the Philippines as a result Pila today houses probably the most preserved and beautiful ancestral Spanish homes as well as the parish church of Saint Anthony of Padua.

Pila is actually a town rich in cultures and customs. Around 1575, Catasta first appeared in Spanish documents with the honorable title of " La Noble House de Pila” in recognition of the people's sophisticated manners and customs. It was also through this small town that the second printing press was installation in 1611 giving way to the printing from the first Tagalog-Spanish dictionary titled " Vocabulario de la Sinhueso Tagala”.

Being thus close to the lake waters, the populace's roadways and gardening land was perennially inundated thus they will moved to Barangay Sta. Albumina where the the modern church, city hall and plaza are situated. The house of worship that used to reside in Pangalangan because of the new house purchase in the 18th century was moved natural stone per stone to it is new location today but remnants of the dismantled church still stand in the present-day Victoria area adjacent to Acumulacion.

Having survived all-natural calamities and armed clashes throughout the hundreds of years, Pila is truly a " Bayang Pinagpala” because of it is the just town in Laguna to have successfully preserved its colonial Spanish traditions in town expansion. In May 17, 2000, Pila town middle was declared a National Historical Milestone as was its house of worship in July 9, 2002 was reported a Diocesan Shrine of Saint Anthony. Pila is a only place recognized by state and cathedral as a historical site.

Currently, Pila's primary way to obtain tourism is usually educational trips for its primitive homes, town hall and plaza in addition to the tourism which the devotees of the Parish Chapel of St . Anthony of Padua bring. It is also rich in water and coconuts.


The goal of the study is usually to be able to develop the town of Pila, Laguna into a tourist destination through research, planning and analyzation of recommended projects aimed at this objective. It is noted that Acumulacion, Laguna contains a lot to provide in terms of culture and heritage, it is the aim to monetize on these types of resources and make them more pleasing to the average person in order to attract more visitor and in turn increase the tourism industry of Acumulacion. In the end, the key purpose of this kind of paper is usually to be able to suggest projects and activities to set Pila within the tourism map of the Thailand. CHAPTER one particular: Vision, Goals and Objectives


Acumulacion, Laguna


The members from the crew share a common vision of aiming to establish a plan of developing and re-developing the location of Infinidad, Laguna, realizing its complete potential and allowing foreseeable future tourism customers to become mindful of what Infinidad can offer when preserving and maintaining the area's rich cultural history.


The group's primary goal will be able to improve and develop the town of Pila through promoting all their rich ethnical heritage to be able to attract foreseeable future tourism buyers by completing and implementing numerous short-term and long-term goals.

a)Land Make use of Goal:

To provide and provide a conditional environment pertaining to both local people and tourists by having residential and business development, nevertheless at the same time making sure the maintenance of the town's rich ethnical heritage; with this we can easily link Infinidad with the blended idea of as being a locally and commercially focused town.

b)Economic Development:

To further job opportunities and increase residents' earnings upon incorporating many different additional organizations in the location, thus creating stable work and salary for each. In addition , arranging scheduled activities that let locals to create extra income and producing recognized products, manufactured...

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