Negative/Positive Effects of the Industrial Revolution

Positive Effects 04.09.2019
 NegativePositive Associated with the Industrial Trend Essay

The 1800's were a time of innovation and immigration to cities to get the new stock jobs, because the Agricultural Revolution changed farms. There were a large number of positive and negative effects from the Industrial Revolution. One positive effect of the commercial Revolution, was urbanization. Urbanization was when ever cities were built because of all the jobs the industrial facilities were providing. Many people wanted these jobs, and went from farms to new metropolitan areas. They needed homes for people new comers, and so they quickly built make-shift apartments. Although the living conditions had been poor, estate was overall a great point. It recognized factories and increased the economy, and it set up basics for each of our economic expansion. Urbanization overall was a positive thing. One more positive effect of the Industrial Revolution was industrial production. This is the production of cotton, steam engines, and railroads. These were all wonderful things. Silk cotton being highly processed in industries let it be a faster procedure and decreased slavery. Steam engines and railroads were incredible because it gave a fast and much easier way to handle good, by simply land and water. Additionally, it increased careers because people were required to run and work these machines. Commercial production was an overall confident effect of the commercial Revolution. Finally, modern inventions were a positive effect of the commercial Revolution. Some of these inventions and medical advancements were vaccines, lights, x-rays, and mobile phones. Vaccines built people much healthier, and life-expectancy rose, which in turn increased the people. X-Rays also helped people learn more about body anatomy, which was beneficial to medical technology. Lights and telephones weren't necessary, but it made lifestyle a whole lot much easier. Also, these were made from factories, hence more jobs. Modern innovations were a general positive effect of the Industrial Revolution. Working conditions and wages were a bad effect of the Industrial Revolution. Production facilities...

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