Phonebloks 03.09.2019
 Phonebloks Article


Asta Tamosaityte

Raluca Emanuela Hirbu

Oliver Fracke Möllnitz

Table of Content

1 ) Introduction

2 . Company qualifications

3. Concept

4. Malocclusion

5. Problem formulation

6th. Mission, Eye-sight, Values and Goals

7. Selling prepositions

7. 1 ) USP

7. 2 . ESP

8. Goal group

almost eight. 1 . Questionnaire

8. 2 . Target group

9. Marketing Mix

being unfaithful. 1 . The four P's

9. 2 . PEST examination

10. Researching the market

10. 1 ) Mobile subscribers worldwide

10. 2 . Top mobile marketplaces: The 95 million Team

10. several. Mobile phone shipments

10. 4. Mobile gadget market penetration

10. your five. Smartphone shipments by manufacturer

11. Rivals - SWOT on competition

11. 1 ) Competitors

11. 1 . 1 ) Direct competition

11. 1 . 2 . Indirect competitors

14. 1 . a few. SWOT examination on opponents

12. Associates


13. Social media strategy

13. 1 ) Filter bubble

14. Marketing constraints

18. 1 . Flip concept or unibody strategy

14. installment payments on your Purchasing individual components

13. 3. Marketing place

13. 4. Convenient process

14. 5. Via store to phone

16. 6. Suppliers

15. Suppliers scenario

12-15. 1 . Manufacturing

15. 2 . Partnerships

15. 3. Selling and Market place

15. four. Branding

12-15. 5. Sizes

16. Specialized constraints

of sixteen. 1 . Installing of components

sixteen. 2 . Components

16. three or more. Upgrades

18. 4. Unibody vs . Do it yourself

16. five. Compatibility

17. Mandatory parts

18. Cellphone and screen size

19. Quality assurance

20. Phonebloks - SWOT and TOWS analysis

twenty one. Design information

22. Object rendering techniques and details

3. Video

twenty-four. Conclusion

25. Appendix and Literature list

1 . Advantages

We reside in a culture where existence are dependent to digital devic-

fue. Unlike fifty years ago a lot of conversation is being of using the internet. Increasingly more services today are offered mostly online and are being accessed by increasing numbers of people. With this need of accessing the internet environment growing, more and more companies are offering gadgets which are used to get into this on-line platforms. While using consumers want growing, the devices become smaller and even more accessible. With the constant developing of technology, a newer and improved device is introduced between really small time runs. One of this kind of devices which includes grown a lot of popularity in the past years is the smartphone.


regular touch screen phone is a very compact device which can be produced with all the idea that it cannot be enhanced, leaving the users with the just choice of purchasing a new system. A typical mobile phone user generally changes the device when every 2 yrs. The reason behind this can be that the mobile phone companies offer a two years membership which include various packages of voice and data as well as the device is normally sold over a monthly foundation plan as well as the user eventually ends up paying for the services and the device. The fee is usually very economical for the assistance included. After the two yr subscription expires it can be restored. This is a new opportunity for you to sign up for a new agreement and upgrade their device.

Studies show that Americans will be changing their very own phones just about every two

years while in comparison the Finns change all their device every single six years. The old gadgets are usually distributed, traded or perhaps given to good friends or members of the family. The image bellow shows a statistics showing how often cell phones are changed


based on locations all over the world. The initially column presents the amount of months that the users keeps a telephone.

Mobile phones are devices that are built in factories using correct

machinery intended for the assembly process. This means the fact the fact that device provides a very compact and exact interior. The components are hard to be substituted individually and when a malfunction occurs the device must be taken to a specialist or if the issue is larger the device should be thrown away and replaced with a new a single. This means that although 80% with the phone pieces are still useful, the phone alone is...

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