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My Society 10.08.2019
 My Culture Essay

La Isla Diversa

You cannot find any perfect contemporary society in the world, and there will by no means be virtually any perfect world. People can have their imagination on the actual would prefer his or her ideal society and everyone varied from person to person. If I had the opportunity to create what I thought is the ideal society our world will be a completely different place. There would be so many changes to the world that we stay in today. The idea behind my own society is always to bring persons together and understand additional cultures and what their particular beliefs, ideas, and norms are. These types of changes will be explained entirely details in this article. We will begin while using physical features and geographical location of this place. My ideal world will take place with an island referred to as La Arrecife Diversa. It would be located approximately west shoreline of the United States as well as the coast of Asia. The name might come from the term diverse, which usually would suit the inhabitants in the island. La Isla Diversa would be consisting of sand, palm trees, plants, mountains and residences made from the wood/leafs through the palm trees themselves. The island will be about the same size of Texas and would be composed of about 100-150 inhabitants. Much of the land will be unexplored and stay available for the inhabitants to be sent and explore. The heat on the La Isla Diversa would be the same year-round. In the daytime the temperatures would change between 80-90 degrees, and at night the temperature could drop to the 60's. There would be days if it's cloudy and rainy but the temperature would remain similar. The sun rises every morning at 8am and it will decrease at 9pm. La Isla Diversa can be such an attractive place with beautiful climate, features, and also the people abroad the island. So far you may have queries and wonder what's therefore different concerning this Island than any other Area. The secret in back of this Island is that costly island in which marijuana is definitely grown and cultivated by the inhabitants because their job. With Marijuana beginning to legalize in the us, the residents live on this island rent free to work growing cannabis for the us government. The inhabitants have previously received training and qualifications for the cultivation on this plant. They live overseas La Arrecife Diversa along with their families to grow pot that will afterwards be sold in the United States. The island is reigned over by the United States government and these habitants are paid out extremely good money for what they are doing. The Island is definitely protected by United States Sea Corps, with absolutely no problems abroad the island. The people operate form 10am-5pm at different and certain locations spread across the tropical isle. La Arrecife Diversa is definitely an island that only picked people may live abroad. These people happen to be selected by the government to travel to this isle for up to 12 months with their as well as where anything is presented. The family members aboard this kind of island happen to be fed, and taken attention by through different corporations set up by government. Few things are paid for out of pocket by some of the inhabitants, anything is presented to these people. One of the requirements before giving the states and traveling to La Isla Diversa is that you leave all budgetary values residence; any money located aboard this island then will be confiscated. There are many rules set to get the habitants to follow and any violation of these rules will result in that individual and their family members being delivered back to the says. Some of these guidelines include things like: No reproduction will take place upon La Atolon Diversa, People found smuggling or smoking cigarettes Marijuana on the island will be automatically always be kicked from the island, and if any person can be accused of committing against the law this will be adequate to punch the person from the island. There are no doctors or clinics aboard the island therefore any person who gets sick and is unable to execute the daily functions of the job will probably be sent back to the states pertaining to proper medical...

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