Living A Lie

Living A Lie 04.09.2019
 Living A Lie Exploration Paper


The questionable decision of Armand's father and mother to keep his true identification from him right up until into his adulthood was wrong and drastically altered his mindset. Armand was raised with racial preferences and prejudices during all of his formative years and this taught him to think that he was superior to various other people. This individual developed a particular attitude in his personality exactly where his thoughts, actions, and beliefs had been ingrained with tradition and influenced by simply society. Armand's parents built an certainly extremely difficult decision, probably even before his birth, to perform their absolute best to protect him from society and its probably harsh treatment, to protection him through the judgment of family and others, and to protect him from your great unknown sea of consequences.

The fear of society was quite by far the most influential element in Armand's father and mother thought process in deciding his fate. Now period in society was steeped in racial prejudices from the Civil War and slavery. Sadly, black everyone was looked upon since inferior rather than equal to those with white skin. All too often blacks were viewed as items of possession not individuals with feelings and intelligence. Fear stories of unfair treatment and misuse were unquestionably all too fresh in their thoughts. These emotions of unworthiness and oppression were not something which they wished to pass on for their children, a solid deterrent to telling the truth. His mother acquired experienced it first hand and felt the incredible pressure to protect her son in any way possible from this sort of a lifestyle and from the spoken, physical, and emotional mistreatment of society. All mothers innately desire a perfect lifestyle for their children and will go to great extent to obtain that, oftentimes producing difficult and wrong decisions along the way including omitting facts. Fact of the matter is, however , the truth is always the way to go and really should never become compromised. Armand's life might have likely recently been much...

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