Links Between Personality and Health

 Essay about Links Among Personality and Health

The importance of understanding the links between character and health are becoming increasingly recognized within the medical and emotional society, through the years research and theoretical advances have commenced to uncover that personality may have an effect on overall health, whether good or bad. Illnesses can be a cause of a large number of factors which may be biological, internal, environmental and even sociological. Indicating that ailments are linked to more than just biological infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis, pneumonia, autorevolezza, etc . of which during the 1900's were main killers inside western communities. (Stroebe, 2000) Yet while medicines knowledge of these conditions grew so that as vaccinations and treatments were made available the main culprit intended for death was no longer of the purely neurological nature. By the year 2000 the major killers were taking form of development of heart diseases which include cardiovascular system disease(CHD), Hypertension, and cancer, (American Heart Association, 1999) that have various psychological, environmental and behavioral links, and a lot importantly links to stress and exactly how our body copes while experiencing it. Selye's three stages of the general adaptation affliction (1976) may be directly from the above and have on a large number of occasions been associated to personality as well as its effects upon health. These types of developments have got facilitated in the creation of ‘Health mindset, ' because researchers with this field examine and examine the link involving the mind and body, and how the environment may have an impact upon these to create illness or perhaps health. The subsequent essay will interpret work written by experts within the discipline of Health Psychology and give an explanation of how Personality may impact well being, with reference to analysis and hypotheses, and to spotlight personality's role in Coronary Heart disease and tumor. The effect of stress on an individual's physical health can easily have very serious consequences in case the body's respond to the stress...

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