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 Information Technology Small business administration Essay



Early Years

(1998 – 2005)

On the 18th of August Noella Spaulding place an advertisement in the Sunday Cleaner declaring her wish to kind a Football team. A positive response resulted in a meeting at Interface Antonio High school graduation on September 18. A total of 24 (24) memberships were distributed to 18 (14) guys and eight (10) females including 4 (4) members of the Professionals Body. Because of this Fantastic Athletics was born. Legend has it that Spaulding was motivated to choose club colours, lavender and light yellow. Fantastic Sport Club appeared as one of the leading clubs of both Portland and St Mary, contending in the two Daryl Vaz Corner Group and Top League. In 2000, the club earned its initial trophy, the Daryl Vaz Corner Group and also played out in the initial Premier League final, losing 2-1 to Gaza Sporting activities Club.

With Harris seal

(2005 – 2010)

In 2005 Noella Spaulding started to be club leader for the first time. Spaulding took over the presidency as the club was within the verge of folding. The club had not won anything since the Daryl Vaz Spot League in 2000 as well as its finances suffered as a result. Spaulding was consequently club director on five separate occasions between 1999 and 06\ and spent six (6) years in the helm. Among her main achievements was to help Portland acquire its own stadium. About March eight, 2006, this moved into the National Stadium, a stadium with a potential of eight, 000. Spaulding also created a campaign to recruit even more club people and by 2009 the team had over 10, 000. This triggered the team moving again, this time to St . Andrews, which inaugurated in the same year. This stadium recently had an initial ability of 22, 500, later expanded to an impressive 60, 1000. In 08 we hired Keva Harris as director. This observed the club's fortunes began to improve on the field.

Competition entered and won

We enter several competition by which we were effective.

They are:

➢ Vaz Nook League

➢ Premier Group

➢ Manning...

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