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quarterly newletter of asa and cci

Dear Fellow workers, This ‘bumper' issue says so much, also to say! Nevertheless one tries  A few begin with business. As soon as the first feelers of recovery were felt, the partners found myself in the driver couch. Be it strategizing at the APMM and interior meetings, improving visibility through seminars or perhaps saying a sincere thanks through each of our dinners -- we were on the road! And this year the APMM was different, not just in terms of articles, issues or perhaps interactions, which will seems to ever increase; but also in terms of participation by simply our co-workers from Pune, Ahmedabad and Chandigarh. Congrats to these people for solidifying as a team and contributing a great deal to our work. Wow! nineteen years possess flown by. My after and before photographs plainly tell a story. Anniversary was fun and I had been persuaded into exhibiting my 2 left feet, due to young ladies presently there. One should stay alert and not get talked into unjust deals by so called ‘fairer' sex. Following anniversary, We come better prepared with dancing lessons! What a pleasure to have within our midst a lot of new faces (and these kinds of wonderful persons too), a large number of well deserved movements upwards and so many possibilities to appear ahead too. Are you all ready to roll? As regards my affirmations, let's discover which remaining leg measures forward first….. Keep working, keep movies.

issue XXXIII January-March 2010


The service industry forms the backbone of social and economic advancement a country. It includes emerged while the largest and fastest-growing sectors in the world economy. The services sector has demonstrated a growth level higher than regarding agriculture and manufacturing industries. This sector covers an array of activities, including trading, transport, communication, monetary, real estate and business companies. In India, the services sector, as a whole, led as much as 68. 6 % of the overall average development in major domestic merchandise (GDP) between the years 200203 and 2006-07. The most important solutions in the Of india economy have been around in the health and education industries. These are among the largest and a lot challenging sectors and carry a key towards the country's general progress. A solid and clear health care sector helps to develop a healthy and productive labor force. The time of financial liberalisation has ushered within a rapid difference in the services industry. Therefore, over the years, India has been seeing a changeover from agriculture-based economy into a knowledgebased economy. The knowledge overall economy creates, disseminates, and uses knowledge to improve its growth and development. One of the major efficient pillars on this economy is usually Information Technology (IT) and IT-enabled services (ITeS) industry. THAT continues to be a dominating sector in the overall growth of the Indian market. Another key and upcoming sector can be retail. It is often one of the quickest growing industries both in terms of yield and job. Many national and global players have been investing in the retail part and producing all out attempts to further broaden the sector. The services sector keeps immense potential to accelerate the growth of the economic climate and showcase general health of the persons. They offer countless business opportunities towards the investors. They have the capacity to create substantial job opportunities in the economy and also increase their per household income. Without one the American indian economy may not have attained a strong and dominating put on the world platform.

Best regards

Ajay Sethi


Who markets the largest range of cameras in India? Not necessarily Sony, Cannon or Nikon. The answer is Nokia, who's main line of business in India, is usually not cams, but cell-phones. Indeed, digital cameras bundled with cell-phones, happen to be outselling standalone cameras. Who runs the biggest music organization in India? It is not HMV, Sa-Re-Ga-Ma or perhaps Sony. The answer then is Airtel. Selling off caller songs, Airtel makes more than...

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