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 Gothic Fictional works and Gothic in Alias Grace Fictional Essay

Encyclopedia of

Gothic Literature

Encyclopedia of

Gothic Literature


Encyclopedia of Gothic Books

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A-to-Z Entries

Main Works of Gothic Literary works

Major Experts of Gothic Literature and Their Works

A moment Line of Medieval Literature

Film Noir and Classic Medieval Works as Theatre

Bibliography of Primary Resources

Bibliography of Secondary Sources












Thoughts is a capricious rover, attached to every subject that carries it out in the track of daily and familiar occurrences. It loves to navigate the pathless desert and enchanted forest, to roam amidst wild uncultivated nature, and amuse itself

together with the extravagant effects of untutored passions.

—Poet Elizabeth Carter in a letter to Elizabeth Vesey, August 13, 1780 A person who does certainly not contribute his quota of grim story nowadays, appears hardly to get free of the republic of letters. He could be bound to put on a death's head as part of his simbolo. If this individual does not frighten everybody, he's nobody. If he would not shock the ladies,

what should be expected of him?

—Leigh Quest, Tale to get a Chimney Nook (1819)



Messent, Michael Meyer, Robert Mighall, Kay

Mussell, Elizabeth Napier, Margot Northey, Joyce

Jean Oates, Paul Ranger, Gabriel Ronay, Victor

Sage, Cannon Schmitt, Claire Smith, Robert

Spector, Jack port Sullivan, Tsvetan Todorov, Yi-Fu

Tuan, David Twitchell, S. L. Varnado, Andrew

Webber, Susan Williams, Judith Wilt, and Leonard

Wolf. Of particular advantage are the examines of Margaret Atwood, Susan Gubar, Sandra Gilbert, H. P.

Lovecraft, David Punter, Montague High seasons,

Mary Tarr, Devendra Varma, and Bea Williams.

As well as a panoply of recovered Gothic works

and facsimile versions are the useful electronic

text messages, including biographies from the College or university of

Philadelphia and Sheffield Hallam University, The

Literary Encyclopedia, Blackwood's Edinburgh Mag, the illustrations of George Cruikshank from Princeton School, Dickens's London, The

Northanger Canon, and Chris Willis's Web sites.

Rolling out the textual content are extra study

helps to particularize the lives of authors such as

Bill Cullen Bryant and August Wilson; released works which include Bellefleur and " The property of Night”; and information on Japanese Medieval, La

Llorona, chiaroscuro, untimely burial, and

Gothic serials. Reference allows include alphabetic

listings of major games and experts, a time line of

the development of Medieval literature, an overview of

cinematic versions,...

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