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Essay: " The Story of your Eyewitness” and

" Leaving Desire”

- Introduction

This dissertation is based on " The Story of the Eyewitness” simply by Jack Birmingham and " Leaving Desire” by Jon Lee Anderson. " The Story of an Eyewitness” talks about the way the San Francisco earthquake and flames destroyed the town in 1906. " Leaving Desire” covers a sufferer of storm Katrina in New Orleans. London and Anderson's coverage of these problems are different in a number of ways. A few examples of their variations are portrayed in the author's purpose, the achievement with their purpose, plus the authors concentrate.

- Purpose for Writing

London's purpose for writing is to describe the break down of Bay area from the earthquake and open fire. London describes the effects the disasters acquired on the city. For example , " The earthquake shook down in S . fransisco hundreds of thousands of dollars well worth of walls and chimneys… I passed through Union Square. It was packed with refugees. Thousands of them choose to go to bed on the turf. Government outdoor tents had been collection up…” this describes the way the disasters recently had an effect on the living conditions inside the city. Greater london describes the attitude with the people in San Francisco, which is sort of a hopeless sense because that they knew that their possessions and their individual selves didn't want to be preserved. In the textual content, " ‘yesterday morning' this individual said, " I was worth six hundred countless numbers dollars. This morning this residence is all I possess left. It is going to all use fifteen minutes. ” The victim of the earthquake has an attitude of ‘there is nothing I can do' (hopeless), and London won't really condition it but its apparent by what the victim says. Greater london Also describes the is still of Bay area, which is barely anything. Inside the article he writes, " San Francisco is fully gone. Nothing remains to be of it nevertheless memories and a edge of dwelling properties on the outskirts. ” This simply states that everything is gone, but further into...

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