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Dreamworlds 3 05.09.2019
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Multimedia 2: Dreamworlds 3 Desire, Power & Sex

American lifestyle has learned to become sexist and misogyny with the influence of the sex exploitation of ladies in the music, media, promoting and entertainment industries. For example, today music-video are the newest expression of sexuality and gender stereotypes; however these music videos are often condemned due to the exploitation of ladies. In the documented Dreamworlds several: Desire, Electrical power & Sex, Director Sut Jhally analyzes how music-video both advise and are informed by each of our culture's prominent attitudes concerning femininity, masculinity, sexuality and race. Sut Jhally starts to illustrate an exceptional and powerful understanding for the continuing impact of music videos and its storytelling, in terms of their cultural manners and perceptions. With the help of Sut Jhally moreover to analyzing the related social concerns we are able to look into the social constructs of music videos and examine that they are driven and designed within our lifestyle. People socially construct libido just as that they create other reality they experience. The symbolic interaction analysis highlights the changing meanings people attach to sexuality. In Dreamworlds 3 Jhally opens the documentary with all the observation those tunes videos are forms of advertisements and these kinds of images of sexual feminine characters in music videos improves the productivity. Thus these music-video, like other styles of advertising, rely heavily on storytelling and sex imagery to satisfy the function of providing merchandise. Jhally demonstrates the growth of sex imagery with the use of women of those music videos. Furthermore, Jhally illustrates that these music-video cast females as cash hungry sexual objects simply by exploiting these to all types of music. It is very clear that women's bodies have formed an objective as crucial advertising equipment, however makers of these music videos fail to start to see the influence of their work on our culture and how...

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