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How features education altered since the 1900s? It depends on how you look at this issue. If you consider education meaning children getting the opportunity to master and plan for their upcoming as education, then no, it has not really changed much, but if you consider the changes in the styles of teaching for a infant's education, in that case yes, they have changed. For instance , attending college was not required. Now, most students need to attend institution. The two key contrasts between your early 1900s classroom and the modern classes are methods of punishment and technology employed. First, the methods of punishment used in the 1900s had been significantly different than they are in today's time. When ever students received out of line (were not performing their operate, were entertaining the class, transferring notes, whispering, being fresh, etc . ), a educator would discipline them as she noticed fit. A few teacher's preferred the " hickory stick” and gave the licentious student a swift trendy. Sometimes the teacher used a leader to hip hop the child on the knuckles or spank these people. Other times the teacher manufactured the child put on a Dunce Cap: A tall, conical hat put on, stand in around the corner facing the wall, carry a heavy book, or stand on one calf for provided that she believed was important. Many parents did not protest that their children were punished. They were generally angry with the children intended for misbehaving, not really at the tutor for punishing. The parents viewed it while the instructors were assisting keep their children in line, and that the teachers had the right to discipline as they found fit. Quite simply, parents believed highly of teachers and revered their decisions for treatment. Second, technology in the 1900s was significantly different than it really is in today's world. The radio was introduced to schools in New York City, in1923. Soon after, college districts in other major towns established radio instruction about subjects such as penmanship, accounting, arithmetic, and history. Slates and slate pencils were also very...

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