Ccl (Cash Credit Limit) to get Bpl (Below Poverty Line) and Apl (Above Poverty Line) Population: an Alternative to Common Pds (Public Distribution System) in India

 Ccl Cash Credit Limit for Bpl Below Lower income Line and Apl Above Poverty Line Population: an Alternative to Universal Pds Public...

Intercontinental Journal of Politics and Good Governance Volume 1, No . 1 . 3 Quarter III 2010 ISSN No . 0976 – 1195


Somesh Srivastava

(Associate Teacher of Economics, St . John's College, Agra, India)


The Government of India can be making frenzied efforts to tackle the food security concern. The country has more than three hundred million starving and under nourished people. Alternatively thousands of souci food wheat is rotting in Government granaries. There may be a supervision problem. There is requisite coverage deficit as well. The Government is trying hard to address both. College students and sociable activists are suggesting widespread public distribution system. But it really can complicate the issues additional. Cash credit limit accounts service in banking institutions for above poverty range population (APL) can go a long way in handling the food security problem of India. The paper recides on this aspect.

Key Words: Food Security, General public Distribution System in India, Food Security Bill, Poverty INTRODUCTION The government of India is really working on the draft of Food Secureness Bill to satisfy its election promise. Almost all of the activists are demanding universal public syndication system plus they are arguing that this will improve the foodstuff security from the nation. You will find millions of people whom are in the above low income line, the APL hereinafter, but can slip into below poverty line, the BPL hereinafter, as a result of numerous causes like joblessness, illness, mishaps or family members problems etc . Therefore , you need to address the needs of both the APL and the BPL population. 1

International Journal of Politics and Great Governance Amount 1, Number 1 . 3 Quarter III 2010 ISSN No . 0976 – 1195

The Government of India is usually hesitant to implement universal community distribution system, considering the ineffectiveness and corruption in the existing public distribution system as well as own measely financial resources. The dismal record of it is various welfare schemes can make it wary of similar.

This newspaper addresses the food security problems relating to the BPL and APL population. The daily news discusses the alternative solution to the universal public distribution program in the form of spinning cash credit limit or CCL for all, along with existing public syndication system (PDS) beneficiaries. It is found that cash borrowing limit can perform a vital role in creating the real time database of a large percentage of Indian populace that can bring about targeted foodstuff and health security with lesser burden on American indian fiscal program.

The study scored the perceived impact of cash credit limit in food reliability and nutrition. The conclusions and recommendations are based on the informal selection interviews of about 400 adults as well as children of different economic, educational and social backgrounds over a period of eighteen months.

The study revealed that funds credit limit accounts could have a positive impact on home's food reliability. The two key patterns brought out as being a supply of mental alleviation and fulfillment that sufficient food items are stored in home, and providing direct access to food. Immediate access to food allows people to consume better amounts of foodstuff and a more diversified diet plan resulting in more potent valuable micronutrients.

FOOD PROTECTION AND PUBLIC DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM Food protection has been a significant developmental goal in India since the starting of preparing. India accomplished self-sufficiency in food cause in the 1970s and has sustained it after that.


Foreign Journal of Politics and Good Governance Volume one particular, No . 1 . 3 Quarter III 2010 ISSN Number 0976 – 1195

Nevertheless the achievement of food grain security with the national level did not trickle down to poor households as well as the level of persistent food insecurity is still large.

Millions of people in India suffer from...

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